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Seeking Support

The reasons for seeking counselling are sometimes clear, such as a relationship breakdown, problems at work or life circumstances that are distressing.


At other times the reason can be less transparent.  Perhaps you feel stuck, dissatisfied with your life, unable to understand what it is you want or how to achieve it?


Speaking about these experiences with the people in our lives can feel very difficult.  We may fear people won’t understand or they may change how they feel about us if they knew how we felt inside. We keep these feelings to ourselves.


The cost can be we resign ourselves to a less than satisfactory experience.


We survive, but we may not thrive.

Support for Change

Counselling provides a space for you to explore your experiences and feelings in a respectful and confidential space.


The focus of the conversation is to understand your experience and provide support to explore the ways in which you can introduce change into your life.

The reality is that there are things in our lives that no-matter how much we would like them to be different, they can't be. But change can manifest in many ways.

We can change how we feel about our life. We can accept what we can’t change and explore and expand the areas within our control to exert change.


This can be life transforming. 


The first step to change is recognising you need support, the second is asking for it.

My Approach

All of us are individuals and I believe that therapy should provide a truly personal and unique approach. 


As an integrative therapist I utilise a number of psychotherapy models which emphasize different dimensions of the human experience.

My practice is informed by theories of attachment, neuro-science, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psycho –dynamic and humanistic therapies.


These models work collaboratively to assist in understanding how our bodies work, the way in which our thoughts and behaviours impact our experiences, the influence of events from our past and the role of relationships in our lives.


Importantly they also provide different insights into the ways in which we can experience growth and improve the quality of our lives. 

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